Mars Banks Base

Mars Banks Base 1.1

Mars Banks Base 1.1 is a knowledge database about banks

Mars Banks Base 1.1 is, as its own name suggests, a knowledge database about banks. It is a simple yet powerful database. Contains a lot of useful information regarding every bank in the US. Phone number, State, Zip Codes, etc. Also contains information about AMEX, VISE, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and routing numbers. Another thing in this program is that can identify credit and debit cards by the first 6 digits of the card and social security numbers regions.
It also contains some information of UK banks, like the state in which a bank is, its zip code, and some other information.

This information can be filtered, everything is searchable, and anything is up to get notes, which could have text formatting and colors.

Another Mars Banks Base feature is themes. You can use .msstyles themes or any of the 24 included themes.

This freeware is all that you need if you are a constant user of banks, or just for having a reference of your nearest bank, or in another state if your are out traveling.

Gener Vázquez
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  • Donation ware
  • Searchable, filterable database
  • Taking notes is available with format and color


  • Not auto updateable database
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